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    Blood Pressure Watch "Pro"™

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    Blood Pressure Watch "Pro"™

    How AMAZING would your life be, if you could check your Blood Pressure Anytime, Anywhere?

    Going for a walk, exercising outdoors or visiting your loved ones without stress and anxiety about your health.

    With MonWatch™ you have 100% control over your health and you can access your important health stats anywhere anytime.

    You deserve to live an Awesome Life full of joy and happiness!

    • 🩸Monitor High Blood Pressure - Use your MonWatch™ to record your blood pressure, giving you an accuratereading in as little as 30 seconds, so you can spend more time with your loved ones.
    • ❤️Check Heart Rate and Blood Oxygen anytime - obtain accurate data regarding your health, to reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes and gain full control over your health.
    • 🏊🏻Track Fitness - Now you can draw correlations between your behavior and your heart health. Track steps, distance and calories burned to develop a healthy lifestyle.
    • 💤Improve your Sleep -  to transform your health and wake up full of energy. It has been proven that sleep is the #1 reason for good health. 
    • 💧Waterproof IPX7 - Once you use our MonWatch™, you won't need to take it off - even when washing your hands or in the rain.
    • 📞 Messages and Phone Notifications - The MonWatch™ can display incoming Calls, and any type of Messages, so you won't  ever miss anything important again.
    • 🔋Strong Battery- the batterie charges in just 1 hour and lasts 1 week,  which means you don't waste time charging all the time and you can live your life doing the things you enjoy most. (Charger is included)
    • 📱FREE Apps "DaFit" - check all your health stats on your Phone and get all the details easily to master your health without monthly charges. (Compatible with both Android and iPhone)
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